Legal Job Description Templates

The legal field consists of lawyers, paralegals, court reporters, law clerks and more. Use Monster’s legal job description templates to help you find the right fit.
8 templates
Lawyer Job Description Template
Starting your search with a complete, well-worded lawyer job description can save you valuable time and help you find the right legal expert.
Law Firm Managing Partner Job Description Template
You can edit this law firm managing partner job description to find someone with the legal expertise and executive management skills to lead your firm.
Law Clerk Job Description Template
Write an effective law clerk job description quickly by editing this template to describe your workplace and preferred qualifications.
Court Reporter Job Description Template
Court reporters offer a variety of vital services for businesses. Use this court reporter job description to connect with the right candidates for the job.
Legal Assistant Job Description Template
In need of a new employee specialized in law? This legal assistant job description template can help you find the right fit for your team.
Legal Administrator Job Description Template
Looking for an efficient manager to keep your law office running smoothly? Use this legal administrator job description sample to find the right candidates.
Legal Secretary Job Description Template
This legal secretary job description template will help you find a top-notch professional to help make your law office run more smoothly.
Paralegal Job Description Template
Need help getting your law firm to the next level? Use this free paralegal job description to start connecting with reliable candidates today.