Safety Manager Job Description Template

Safety managers are important in every workplace where there may be health and safety hazards, such as construction sites, manufacturing facilities, or warehouses. They focus on maintaining a safe workplace and establishing policies and procedures for other workers.

This safety manager job description sample is your blueprint for constructing a posting that will catch the eye of the best qualified candidates. Keep the structure and personalize it with the specific duties and requirements of your position. For even more ideas on turning candidates into applicants, you can browse our safety manager job listings.

Safety Manager 

[Intro Paragraph] Take the first two or three sentences of your safety manager job description to introduce prospective managers to your facility and unique working environment right at the top. Tailoring your recruiting pitch to your ideal candidate can set your company apart from competing listings. So, ensure you’re attracting the best of the best by letting potential applicants know what you’re bringing to the table.

Safety Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Conducts safety meetings, audits, and inspections to ensure compliance, evaluate performance, identify corrective action, and implement follow up assessments.
  • Plans, implements, and conducts preventative care, safety, and compliance training programs.
  • Plans, implements, manages, and maintains comprehensive environmental safety & health programs on premises or at project site locations.
  • Provides project management team with guidance on health and safety and confirm project site fulfills industry, local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations.
  • Collaborates with management to develop an Emergency Action Plan and serve as primary contact for project site injury and incident notification, investigation, and case management. Maintains a written log of safety inspection activities, reports, and correspondence.
  • Guarantees that all work is performed in accordance with approved manuals, internal policies and procedures, contract documents, and good engineering practices.
  • Provides technical support to project managers.
  • Develops and maintains project cost/change controls, and project budget and accounting records.
  • Coordinates and monitors schedule updates, invoices, and submittals.
  • Reports the status of projects to business and market leaders.
  • Participates in team meetings and provides regular on-site project presence.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This section of your safety manager job description is a great spot to talk about the working hours and benefits specific to your firm. Potential safety managers want to learn things like team size, remote work, and travel requirements. And don’t forget to highlight any benefits that set your company apart, like tuition credits, childcare reimbursements, or paid time off.

Safety Manager Qualifications / Skills:

  • Risk assessment/management
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • EPC industry experience
  • Familiarity with project and department budget process and tools
  • Knowledge of project controls
  • Conceptual planning ability
  • Conflict management and problem-solving skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Communication, meeting, and presentation skills
  • Comfort with time reporting systems

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree in Safety, Health, Engineering or related discipline preferred
  • Minimum 8 years large scale commercial, government, or industrial project management experience, including at least 4 years management level safety profession experience
  • Current certifications in First Aid, CPR, OSHA, 30-hour Construction Safety and Industry Standards plus familiarity with DOE 10 CFR Part 851 highly desirable

[Call to Action] The most effective job postings conclude with a compelling call to action, letting safety manager candidates know exactly how to apply and encouraging them to do so. Tell potential applicants to click the “apply” link at the top of the listing, submit an application via your website, or send resumes and supporting documents to someone specific at your firm.

Put Your Safety Manager Job Description to Work for You

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