Brand Manager Job Description Template

This brand manager sample job description can give your posting a boost that will attract the best qualified candidates. Use the organization and structure of this template, customize it with the exact duties and responsibilities of your position, and you’ll turn candidates into applicants. You can find even more ideas for creating the best listing by looking through our brand manager job listings.

Brand Manager

[Intro Paragraph] Firms seeking the highest quality employees often include a 2-3 sentence paragraph at the beginning of the description, introducing the job seeker to a few things that make your company unique and the value you bring to new employees. This is your opportunity to really set yourself apart from competing brand manager postings.

Brand Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Is the brand champion and expert while ensuring brand integrity in all respects.
  • Plans, implements, and executes successful consumer and trade marketing programs (including brand strategic planning, market positioning, pricing, promotion, advertising).
  • Contributes to annual brand planning process.
  • Sets brand planning calendar, coordinates cross-functional activities and planning processes, manages timelines, and ensures timely completion of all deliverables.
  • Leads the development of strategies and objectives for building and executing year-round brand engagement through partnerships, social media, fan conventions, and other marketing vehicles.
  • Utilizes category and consumer insights to identify growth opportunities and drive innovation in product development as well as marketing initiatives.
  • Collaborates with sales team for specific strategies for clients.
  • Represents the company and provides support as needed at various trade shows and conventions.
  • Plans and executes events and promotions within fan communities.
  • Provides reporting to allow proper measurement of marketing activities and strategic recommendations based on analysis of ongoing trade and consumer promotion programs.
  • Monitors product catalog compliance and testing reports.
  • Performs other duties as necessary to support the objectives of division and company.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Here you can include details about your company’s working hours and benefits. Tell prospective brand managers about flexible hours or work-week structures, telecommuting options, and any travel requirements. You can also describe benefits unique to your company, like tuition or continuing education credits, childcare reimbursement, or paid parental leave.

Brand Manager Qualifications/Skills:

  • Key initiative planning and execution
  • Consumer communication strategy, planning and execution
  • Business and talent management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Written and Oral Presentations Skills
  • Cross-functional project leadership
  • Business analysis
  • Consumer insights
  • Financial acumen
  • Creative development

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
  • MBA Preferred
  • 5-7 years of experience in marketing
  • General brand management experience
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel/Power Point/Word

[Call to Action] Here is where the best performing job listings turn potential applicants into actual applicants. A well-crafted call to action will let job seekers know exactly how to apply and get them to do it. For example, by “clicking on the apply button at the top of the job listing” or by emailing their resume to a specific person.

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