Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description Template

A quality assurance specialist works in an office.

If you’re hiring a quality assurance specialist, you want someone who will ensure that your company’s products, services, and processes consistently meet high standards.

Whether your company sells art supplies or rocket ships, quality assurance specialists should be creative in their problem-solving capabilities and confident enough to act fast if standards slip.

The key to hiring the right person is to write a compelling quality assurance specialist job description. It’s helpful to start by reviewing quality assurance specialist job postings to see how other companies hire for the role. You can speed up the hiring process by editing this template to meet your hiring needs.

A quality assurance specialist works in an office.

Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] In your introduction, write two to three sentences highlighting why your company is a great place to work.

This section gets the job seeker excited to read more about the position and apply, so include information about the company culture and values, professional development and mentorship opportunities, and other perks that set you apart from other businesses.

Quality Assurance Specialist Job Responsibilities: This is where you’ll list the most significant responsibilities of the position so potential candidates can determine whether the job is a good fit.

The quality assurance specialist you hire will have different responsibilities based on the products and services your company offers, but generally, right-fit candidates will:

  • Ensure consistent product and service quality according to company standards.
  • Develop, review, and adjust the company’s quality standards as needed.
  • Perform routine quality compliance audits and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Gather and present product-quality data and reports.
  • Train employees on quality standards and ensure they’re consistently met.
  • Prepare accurate production estimates and track costs to meet quarterly and yearly company financial goals.
  • Create quality standards manuals and operational guidelines.
  • Collaborate with outside and/or governmental contacts regarding safety, compliance, and inspection requirements.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Candidates want to know about your work hours and benefits. Specify this information in the middle of your job description to encourage potential applicants to continue reading.

Mention whether you’re hiring a full-time or part-time quality assurance specialist. If it’s a part-time role, include the hours they’d work. If you offer compelling perks like free lunches and snacks, remote work, a flexible schedule, and summer Fridays, note here to drive more candidates to apply.

Quality Assurance Specialist Qualifications and Skills: Use this section of your quality assurance specialist job description to let candidates know the necessary skills and qualifications. It’s helpful to note which skills are required versus preferred because some candidates will only apply if they meet every qualification. This will prevent right-fit candidates from getting discouraged and opting to not apply.

Include both hard and soft skills in your requirements so the quality assurance specialist job posting is a well-rounded representation of your needs, such as:

  • Performs regular quality checks and demonstrates a keen attention to detail.
  • Presents quality assurance reports to managers and has strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Collects and analyzes data and has excellent organization, reporting, and project management skills.
  • Keeps up to date on industry standards, specifications, and regulations, and is diligent about incorporating these requirements into the production-quality process.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field preferred
  • Quality assurance certificate, or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of safety requirements and legal standards

[Call to Action] The most effective quality assurance specialist job posts end with a strong call to action. For example, you could let candidates know you look forward to hearing from them and share how to apply from the job board or by emailing the hiring manager directly. It’s helpful to include the ideal hiring timeline and the next steps in the hiring process.

Hire a Quality Assurance Specialist Who Holds Your Business to High Standards

With the right-fit quality assurance specialist, achieving better product quality is even easier. Use this template to elevate your quality assurance specialist job description and attract more right-fit candidates. When you’re done with the finishing touches, be sure to create a free job posting on Monster.