Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Template

Maintenance supervisor showing employee how to inspect machinery

A maintenance supervisor must have the right skills to train maintenance workers and leadership skills to manage the team. The key to hiring the right person for the job is to write a maintenance supervisor job description that attracts candidates with the skills you need.

If you have time, it’s beneficial to read other maintenance supervisor job postings on Monster to see how similar companies are hiring for this crucial role. However, if you’re short a maintenance supervisor, you probably want to fill the role quickly. You can save time by editing this maintenance supervisor job description template.

Maintenance supervisor showing employee how to inspect machinery

Maintenance Supervisor

[Intro Paragraph] Encourage candidates to apply by highlighting why your company is a great place to work. Use this section to describe the company culture, team values, and any awards your company has won. You may also want to mention if the maintenance supervisor would work at one or multiple buildings and if they are residential, commercial, or a combination.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Responsibilities: Use this section of your maintenance supervisor job description to share the job responsibilities. Share a detailed list so candidates can decide whether they have the necessary skills and want to apply for the job. You may be looking for a maintenance supervisor who:

  • Hires and manages maintenance workers.
  • Supervises maintenance workers and contractors.
  • Organizes and leads maintenance trainings.
  • Sets the shift schedule and assignments.
  • Develops maintenance policies and procedures.
  • Orders tools, supplies, and equipment.
  • Responds to maintenance requests.
  • Makes sure projects stay on schedule.
  • Leads safety inspections at worksites.
  • Performs maintenance work as needed.
  • Evaluates worksites to determine necessary maintenance work.
  • Escalates issues to management and recommends solutions.
  • Ensures the team follows all company policies and procedures.
  • Makes sure the team adheres to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Share whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time maintenance supervisor. Note if the maintenance supervisor would need to work early mornings, late nights, and weekends. If they’d work a rotating shift schedule, mention the various shift days and hours. Show that their hard work will pay off by sharing the benefits offered for the role, such as health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, paid time off, parental leave, and retirement planning. If you know it, it’s helpful to include the intended salary range or hourly rate so candidates can determine whether it works for them.

Maintenance Supervisor Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your maintenance supervisor job description to specify the job requirements. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Knows maintenance best practices.
  • Demonstrates time management and organization skills.
  • Manages maintenance workers and has strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • Must finish OSHA 30-hour training within the first three months of work.
  • At least [number] years of maintenance experience is required and [number] years management experience is preferred.

[Call to Action] The most effective maintenance supervisor job postings will end with a call to action. You could invite maintenance supervisors to apply and say that you look forward to reviewing their resumes. Additionally, provide instructions for applying from the job board, your company’s website, or by contacting the hiring manager.

Find the Right Maintenance Supervisor to Lead Your Team

Finding a skilled maintenance supervisor shouldn’t be hard work if you have the right tools. After sprucing up your maintenance supervisor job description, post it on Monster to reach qualified candidates with the skills to manage your maintenance team. Start today with a free job posting.