Custodian Job Description Template

It’s important that your facility is clean, safe, and properly maintained, which is why it’s so important to have a reliable custodian. If you want to find strong candidates for the job, you’ll need to write a targeted and compelling job posting, whether it’s a custodian job description for a school, a medical custodian job description, or an ad for some other related position.

You can use the following job description template to assist you with this task. Use the template’s form and organization as a foundation and then revise it with information about the specific position. For some helpful hints, take a look at our custodian job listings.


[Intro Paragraph] The first thing to include in your custodian job description is a statement telling the applicants about the company. Since many jobs are very similar in scope and duties, you want to give potential employees reasons that your organization is a good place to work and encourages them to apply. Mention anything that sets you apart from other employers.

Custodian Daily Duties and Responsibilities

  • Keeps building and property in clean and orderly condition.
  • Performs routine maintenance activities.
  • Performs heavy cleaning duties.
  • Sweeps, mops, scrubs, or vacuums floors.
  • Gathers and empties trash.
  • Scrubs, sanitizes, and supplies restroom facilities.
  • Dusts furniture, walls, and equipment.
  • Cleans windows, mirrors, and partitions with soap and other cleansers.
  • Mixes cleaning solutions and chemicals in containers in preparation for cleaning, according to instructions.
  • Follows procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power machinery to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  • Cleans and polishes fixtures and furniture.
  • Shampoos or steam-cleans carpets and rugs.
  • Cleans and polishes furniture and fixtures.
  • Manages inventory of cleaning supplies.
  • Drives vehicles required to perform or travel to cleaning work, including industrial trucks, vans, or industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • Notifies managers regarding the need for repairs or additions to building operating systems.

[Work Hours & Benefits] It makes good sense to talk about working hours and benefits at this point. The idea is that the job seeker will be so interested in these pivotal details that they will continue reading the job ad. In this section discuss working conditions or requirements, including shift work, weekend work, overtime, and break schedule. This is very important, especially in this field because weekend work and holiday work often accompany the job.

Custodian Qualifications / Skills:

  • Knowledge of standard cleaning methods and procedures
  • Ability to stand, walk, and bend for many hours
  • Ability to perform repetitive motion for long periods of time
  • Experience with using cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and cleaning solutions
  • Background in handling, mixing, and using cleaning chemicals
  • Knowledge of occupational hazards safety rules
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to lift heavy objects, climb ladders and work at particular heights

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Basic math skills
  • High school courses in shop may be preferred for jobs involving repair work

[Call To Action] Finish off your custodian job ad with a call to action. This will help you get more responses to your job ad because you’re telling job seekers directly how to apply. For instance, by clicking on the “apply” button at the top of the job listing, emailing a resume, or filling out an application on the company’s website.

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